Within the Art and Art History teaching unit, Prof. Georg Peez is currently supervising a research project entitled “Kunstpädagogik und Biographie. 50 Kunstlehrerinnen und Kunstlehrer erzählen. Professionsforschung mittels autobiografisch-narrativer Interviews” [Art Pedagogy and Biography. 50 art teachers report. Occupational research based on autobiographical narrative interviews] (2008 – 2009). He is also collaborating on the BMBF-funded empirical research project “PERLE” (Personality and Learning Development in Saxon Elementary Schools; University of Bamberg / German Institute for International Educational Research, DIPF, in Frankfurt am Main).
The main focus of Prof. Peter Ulrich Hein’s research continues to be sociological aesthetics around the turn of the century (19th / 20th century) and the problems of legitimising modern art.