The Faculty of Humanities is subject to an ongoing process of self-evaluation and reflection. In December 2008, the Dean’s Office organised an internal faculty workshop entitled “Methods in the Humanities” under the direction of Prof. Dirk Hartmann (Philosophy). All the academic disciplines represented by the faculty were given the opportunity to raise issues concerning method­ology from their own particular perspective and discuss the respective problems in a shared forum. The main purpose of the workshop was to promote the Faculty of Humanities’ conception of itself and deepen the critical and reflective understanding of this wide and varied field of study and research. The contributions are scheduled for publication.
The Department of German Studies is planning to set up a writing workshop in conjunction with other departments in the faculty. The idea is to help students acquire good academic writing skills, which are an essential tool for anyone working in the humanities. Aspects of research relating to didactics are planned as a follow-up to the practical work of the writing workshop.