The research focus in Catholic Theology encompasses exegetic research (PD Dr. Barbara Schmitz), research on the history of Christianity (Prof. Hubertus Lutterbach), systematic theological research (Prof. Ralf Miggelbrink), and empirical educational research and religious pedagogy (Prof. Rudolf Englert).
The Chair of Historical Theology has a long tradition of intensive cooperation with the Dresden Collaborative Research Centre SFB 537, “Institutionalität und Geschichtlichkeit” [Institutionality and Historicity], and SFB 496 “Symbolische Kommunikation und gesellschaftliche Wertesysteme” [Symbolic Communication and Social Value Systems].
In the field of Systematic Theology, work on a major scientific monograph continues. A conference volume edition on the reception of Karl Rahner’s theology and an anthology covering the theological works of Herbert Vorgrimler are also in progress. In 2007 / 2008, the Interdenominational Theological Workgroup (ITA) was co-founded and headed by Prof. Miggelbrink. In the field of Marital Theology, he also intensified collaboration with the International Academy for Marital Spirituality at the University of Leuven, Belgium.
The Chair of Religious Pedagogy has been home to a research team working in the field of empirical educational research since 1993. The size and make-up of this group make it unique in Germany in empirical theological research. The current project, which investigates teaching strategies in the context of religious didactics, is supported largely by DFG funds.