The researchers in CENIDE form an inter­disciplinary network of creative minds that fosters collaboration across disciplines, bridging the gap between fundamental academic research and industrial implementation. Our vision is for CENIDE to be internationally recognized for state-of-the-art materials research and development, and for its members to use their fundamental understanding of the nanoscale to develop sustainable solutions for the major societal challenges in the fields of energy, information technology and health.

The six research priorities presented above have been identified for the near and medium-term future.

The scientific CENIDE conference in March 2020 in Bergisch Gladbach, was just one of many opportunities to further reinforce the inter­disciplinary network. We will also provide an insight into our expertise at the 9th Nano-Conference on April 21–22, 2021 in Münster.

One of our core aims is to transform research findings into new applications through interdisciplinary collaboration and cooperation with partners from industry. For this reason, we are again inviting major international companies and research institutions to the Duisburg campus in November 2020 for the 7th RUHR Symposium on the topic of “Catalysis”. The focus of the „Materials Chain“ international conference organized by the University Alliance Ruhr from February 25 to 26, 2021 and in which CENIDE is significantly involved, in contrast will be on materials discovery and processing for energy.