Selection of currently funded coordinated projects

In numerous cooperative projects both within CENIDE and with national and international partners from academia and industry, scientific publications, new patents and creative ideas are continuously generated. The selected projects, therefore, give only a small insight into the research activities at CENIDE.


Coordination of the CRC/TRR 247 “Heterogeneous Oxidation Catalysis in the Liquid Phase – Materials and Mechanisms in Thermal, Electro- and Photocatalysis” (since 2018), spokes­person: Prof. Malte Behrens

Participation in the BMBF project “KontiKat – Contamination-Free Production and Processing of Laser-Generated Nanoparticles in a Continuous Process Chain for Heterogeneous Catalysis” (2017–2019)

Dynamic processes in solids:

Coordination of the CRC 1242 “Non-Equilibrium Dynamics of Condensed Matter in the Time Domain” (since 2016), spokesperson: Prof. Uwe Bovensiepen

Coordination of the BMBF project “Characteri­zation of Solids” at the Cryring in Darmstadt (2019–2022), spokesperson: Prof. Marika Schleberger

Gas phase synthesis of nanomaterials:

Coordination of the Priority Programme SPP 1980 “Nanoparticle Synthesis in Spraysyn Spray Flames: Measure­ment, Simulation, Processes” (since 2017), spokesperson: Prof. Christof Schulz

Coordination of the Research Unit FOR 2284 “Model-Based Scalable Gas Phase Synthesis of Complex Nano­particles” (since 2015, with IUTA), spokes­person: Prof. Christof Schulz

Magnetic materials:

Significant participation in the CRC/TRR 270 “HoMMage – Hysteresis Design of Magnetic Materials for Efficient Energy Conversion” (2020–2023),

EU Twinning Project “MaNaCa – Magnetic Nanohybrids for Cancer Therapy” (2019–2022)

Coordination of the BMBF project “ULMAG – ULtimate MAGnetic Characterization” (2019–2022)  spokesperson: Dr. Katharina Ollefs

Nanomaterials for health:

Participation in the CRC 1093 “Supramolecular Chemistry of Proteins” (since 2014)

Nanotechnology in energy applications:

EU Project “SAIL PRO - Safe and Amplified Industrial Laser PROcessing”, project manager: Prof. Stephan Barcikowski (2016–2019)

BMBF project NEMEZU “New Non-Precious Metal-Free Membrane Electrode Units for Fuel Cells of the Future” (2015–2018)

Participation in the IMPRS on Reactive Structure Analysis for Chemical Reactions (RECHARGE) (2015–2021)

Participation in the IMPRS for Interface Controlled Materials for Energy Conversion (SURMAT) (2016–2021)


DFG Core Facility ICAN “Inter­disciplinary Center for Analytics on the Nanoscale” (2017–2020)

Coordination of Research Unit FOR 1993 “Multifunctional Material and Energy Conversion” (since 2013), spokesperson: Prof. Burak Atakan

Coordination of Priority Programme SPP 2122 “Materials for Laser-Based Additive Manufacturing” (since 2018), spokesperson: Prof. Stephan Barcikowski

Coordination of the BMBF project “Nano­structured Materials – Grouping with Regard to Occupational Safety, Consumer and Environmental Protection and Risk Minimization” (2015–2018), spokesperson: Prof. Thomas Kuhlbusch