Successful Early Career Researchers

Thanks to the excellent graduate training at the UDE, early career researchers at the IZfB have been able to achieve considerable success.

Dr. Sebastian Habig was granted funding in 2019 for his first DFG proposal “The promotion of internal model representation in organic chemistry through augmented reality”.

Dr. Christina Krause received a three-year fellowship from the EU’s Marie Skłodowska Curie Programme for her project SignEd|Math*, in which she will develop and test a new learning environment for deaf children in mathematics lessons.

The following early career researchers from the IZfB have been appointed to professorships:

Dr. Stephan Winter: since 2018 Professor of Media Psychology, U Koblenz-Landau

Dr. Dorothee Gronostay: since 03/2019 Junior Professor for the Didactics of Social Sciences, focusing on empirical political didactics, TU Dortmund

Dr. Tobias Hölterhof: since 04/2019 Professor of Educational Science, Catholic University of Applied Sciences of North Rhine-Westphalia, Cologne

Dr. Kathrin Racherbäumer: since 04/2019 Professor of Educational Science, focusing on school and teaching development in secondary schools, University of Siegen

Dr. Nina Bremm: since 09/2019 Professor for School Development at the University of Education Zurich

Dr. Esther Dominique Klein: from 02/2020 Professor of School Pedagogy focusing on school development research, University of Innsbruck