Cooperation and International Affairs

In various (joint) projects, some of which are mentioned above, the members of the IZfB cooperate intensively with universities and research institutions not only nationwide, but also on an international level.

In order to strengthen the internal and exter The IZfB promotes residencies at the UDE by international guests. These have included the renowned research-methodology expert Prof. William Boone (Miami University, USA), Prof. Chris Brown (Portsmouth University, UK) and Prof. Erin Marie Furtak, (University of Colorado Boulder, USA). In 2019 in cooperation between the IZfB and docFORUM, the renowned cognitive scientist and psychologist Prof. Richard Shiffrin, Indiana University Bloomington, was invited as a guest to the UDE.

Also in 2019, a cooperation with the Interdisciplinary Centre for Educational Research of the Humboldt University of Berlin (IZBF) was started with the aim of promoting research cooperation and thus the joint application for third-party funded projects in addition to the joint organisation of events for scientific exchange and the promotion of junior academics.