Transfer and Events

The discussion of current and planned research projects and collaborations plays an important role at the KWI. In Münster, 2018’s citizen’s council took place under the title “Bio-based economy?! What consequences does this have for my region?”, a dialogue procedure that develops recommendations for the cultivation of biomass. In March 2019, the Institute’s director invited participants to a round-table discussion entitled “Science Communication Research”, organised in cooperation with the DFG (the German Research Foundation), as well as a workshop about the perspectives of interdisciplinary reading research. In November, the closing meeting of a project took place which saw German and Israeli scientists deal with the history of the Theresienstadt Ghetto. An interdisciplinary conference was dedicated to the research topic “Cultures of Compromise”, and a workshop with colleagues from Stanford University marked the beginning of a cooperation entitled “Canon-Canonization-Canonicity” in May 2019. In spring 2019, the international HERA project “Governing the Narcotic City” was launched with events in Essen, Berlin and Gdansk. At a symposium in November 2019, Peter Strohschneider, Alois Hahn, Wolfgang Rohe, Julika Griem, Hans-Georg Soeffner and others discussed the openness and instability of science. In December 2019, Jo Reichertz’s theory of the power of communication was reconsidered.