International Perspectives

An Institute for Advanced Study can only adequately fulfil its tasks by collaborating with international guests. For this reason, an international fellow programme “KWInt” will be implemented from autumn 2020. The aim is to permanently establish the programme as a joint project of the University Alliance Ruhr, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, regional and national foundations and the KWI. Two calls for proposals per year are planned for six-month individual fellowships and small groups in the humanities, cultural studies and social sciences with links to the KWI’s research priorities. A first call for proposals was issued in January 2020. In autumn 2020 and spring 2021, a total of ten international fellows will be invited to conduct research at the KWI in collaboration with the UA Ruhr universities.

Our guests will contribute to the internationalisation of the humanities and their strategic orientation in the Ruhr area. From a professional point of view, they will support new projects and alliances in our main research areas. The new KWI blog also offers new insights into these research topics and all other events.