The opening of the NanoEnergieTechnik­Zentrum (NETZ) in February 2013 marked an important milestone for CENIDE. It now has a geographic location for its long-running research on nanomaterials in energy applications and for direct exchange between scientists from diverse disciplines and cooperation partners. NETZ has very much taken off in its own right, although it remains an important part of CENIDE’s activities. Nevertheless, it has still created a space for all members to work together under the CENIDE umbrella on developing new flagship projects and advancing other thematic areas of nanoresearch in the same – or perhaps also very different – ways. CENIDE opens up a broad range of opportunities and options for research, from biomedical topics through information technology and material science to the accompanying risk research.

As a consortium partner of the NanoMikro­WerkstoffePhotonik.NRW cluster, CENIDE is ­significantly involved in developing projects and defining goals in nanoresearch in NRW. One example of the many projects and working groups it is involved in is “Graphene and 2D materials”, which was founded at the end of 2013.

The Scientific Director of CENIDE, Prof. Christof Schulz, received the Leibniz Award 2014 on 12 March at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities.
Dr. Gabi Schierning is the recipient of the NRW Science Ministry’s Innovation Award in 2014.