Selection of regular events and activities

  • Every year the members of CENIDE organise more than ten national and international workshops.
  • CENIDE was again highly successful in 2012–2013 in offering further education seminars to scientists and employees from industry. Topics included battery technology and electromobility, and approaches to regulating nanotechnology.
  • CENIDE Science Talk is an event held several times a year at which leading scientists join a CENIDE member to talk on new findings and developments in various areas of nanotechnology.
  • At the regular MPI Lectures in cooperation with the Faculty of Chemistry and the two Max-Planck Institutes in Mülheim, scientists (so far Prof. Robert Schlögl and Prof. Ferdi Schüth) report over a number of weeks on current ­research topics in a series of lectures for a lay audience.
  • In 2012 CENIDE launched the next instalment of its successful photo competition and received more than 80 photos from the world of nano, some of which were outstanding. This was followed in 2013 by a competition for the CENIDE logo, which likewise attracted some extremely creative and aesthetic ideas. CENIDE also has an annual Best Paper Award.
  • NanoDialog in Duisburg, the NanoEnergie newsletter, regular press work and one-off publications and events, such as the UNIKATE “NanoEnergie” booklet (2013) and the 26th University Weeks in Moers, are some of the ways CENIDE keeps the different sections of its public in touch with its latest research and activities.
  • The first open evening following the move into the new NanoEnergieTechnikZentrum was held in September 2013 and proved to be a great success.