Faculty of Engineering

Awards and Distinctions

Prof. Dieter Schramm, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Head of the department MBVT was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Miskolc (Hungary) for his research work in the areas of Mechatronics and Automotive Engineering and for his services in establishing and developing the Mechatronics area at the university.

Several papers developed at the Chair of Mechatronics were recognised:

In 2015, Jeannette Kerkhoff received an award from the Sparkasse Duisburg for her dissertation on the “Development and Application of an Efficient Simulation Model for the Physical Description of a Vehicle Crash”,

Christopher Reichert was honoured with the Best Paper award at the 2015 VDI Mechatronics conference in Dortmund for his article “Dynamic reconfiguration of a table based manipulator for the improvement of mechanical rigidity”.

In 2015, Sebastian Hölzle received the Siemens Energy Award from Siemens AG for his final paper “Creation of a weighting and cost model of series hybrid vehicles for the calculation of total cost of ownership taking into account different use profiles”.

In 2016, the Siemens Energy Award went to Stephan Thur for his Master’s thesis entitled “Dynamic Simulation of a Heat Recovery Steam Generator with Downstream Steam Power Process as a Waste Heat Source” which was completed at the Chair of Process Engineering and Plant Design.

At the annual meeting in Bamberg, Florian Birkmann and his co-authors from the Chair of Thermal Process Engineering for the article „Investigations into Cyrogenic Adsorption of Short-Chain Hydrocarbons“ was awarded with the Poster Prize 2016 by  the community for fluid dynamics and separation technology.

The Scientific Alliance of University Professors of Plastics Technology presented the Brose Prize to Gregor Karrenberg for his dissertation during the K Messe 2016. The paper entitled “Use of Innovative Simulation Techniques for the Development of a High-speed Extrusion Concept Based on Solid Melt Separation” was completed at the Chair of Engineering Design and Plastics Machinery.

In 2015, Alexander von Graefe was awarded the Georg Weinblum award for the “Best scientific paper by a young marine engineer at a German university”. It was awarded by the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers for his dissertation entitled “A Rankine Source Method for Ship-Ship Interaction and Shallow Water Problems”.