Even after a change of management, the inter- and transdisciplinary cooperation of the ZLV office with the members and the wide network will continue. The focus is on the development of innovative and integrated concepts in logistics, transport and supply chain management, based on digital technologies, new business models, changing value systems and concrete political environmental goals. The ZLV sees itself both in the continuity of its own developments for logistics, mobility and transport as well as in the innovative context of the JUS. The urban aspects of the research in the ZLV represent unique characteristics and hold additional potential that is to be further strengthened in the future. Prospects therefore lie in increased cooperation with institutes of the Johannes Rau Research Foundation (JRF) and in the shaping of the KoMet, with a focus on mobility and logistics. The newly founded Institute for Mobility and Urban Planning is of key importance in this context in order to address the challenge of social and urban change and the sustainable transform­ation of mobility. The above CONUS regional competence and innovation cluster affects both the ZLV and key strategic areas of the JUS and provides attractive common development prospects for everyone involved.