Educational Sciences

Institute of Community Development and Consultation (ISSAB)

The focus of research at ISSAB was on exploring how the relationship between space and social ­issues can be shaped using the principles of social area orientation and community development, how these principles translate in the different ­socially relevant areas of action, and what (organisational) structures, professional competencies and material conditions are required. A cooperation agreement with the City of Essen has provided an essential and practical proving ground for this work. Under the agreement, ISSAB helps to improve living conditions in selected districts by providing neighbourhood management based on the interests and lifestyles of the resident population.

In its research, ISSAB looked at specific questions from individual fields (e. g. youth welfare, inclusion), as well as broader issues surrounding complex social support systems (e. g. social planning principles). In all these questions, the relevant (social) situations are approached from various perspectives of social area orientation and community development. ISSAB focuses here in ­particular on the effects of implementing such principles in the social work client system and in the social space, with the aim of using the findings to advance intervention strategies.