Institute for East Asian Studies

IN-EAST benefits from its links to partners in EastAsiaNet ( in its research activities. This forum was set up by leading European institutes of contemporary East Asian studies at a conference in March 2006 in Duisburg. The members have since met twice a year. Five years after the network was established, they returned to Duisburg in the spring of 2011 for a three-day International Workshop to examine concrete methodological issues in risk research, based on the example of East Asia. The discussion covered not only methods of social and economic sciences in an intercultural context but also sought to include philological methods. One outcome of the focus on risk-related issues as a recurrent theme in its meetings is that, over the years, EastAsiaNet has evolved into a forum at which researchers from IN-EAST can present their latest research results to international peers and receive vital feedback and fresh impetus for their work.