Social Sciences

The DFG Research Training Group “Risk & East Asia” coordinated by Professor Karen Shire started its work in 2009 and since then has supported around a dozen PhD students and associated members in working towards their doctorates. A new BA course in East Asian Studies and an additional professorship in this area are also strengthening regional competence at the Faculty and the UDE.
Four major BMBF consortium projects each with a term of just under four years have been running since the middle of 2009. They focus on different aspects of flexibility, restructuring of work and professional competence. The field of labour and labour market research will thus continue to be an important focus of future research in the Faculty.
An international group of experts has recommended the establishment of a Käte Hamburger collegium on “Political Cultures in a Global Society” to the BMBF. This collegium – or Centre for Advanced Study – will be situated on the UDE’s Duisburg Campus and coordinated by Professor Tobias Debiel. In the coming six years, it will attract leading scientists from at home and abroad as visiting professors to the University. The aim is to analyse the difficulties and opportunities of global cooperation and the normative principles of a culturally diverse global society based on the examples of certain problem areas.