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Business Administration and Economics

Dean Prof. Dr. Volker Clausen
Dean Prof. Dr. Volker Clausen

The progressive division of labour at national and international level demands highly developed control and analysis instruments that pay due attention to ­business and macroeconomic perspectives. Innovations in information technology are particularly important in this respect, as they facilitate higher productivity while simultaneously creating opportunities to improve working conditions.
Constructive use of the potential arising from globalisation and the spread of information technology and critical analysis of the possible risks both speak in favour of close cooperation between economists and IT experts – in practice as well as in academic research.  
The structure of the Faculty of Business ­Administration and Economics is designed to accommodate this need: the faculty forms an umbrella for the disciplines of Business Administration, Computer Science, Economics and Business Information Systems. Cooperation across various disciplines is not only encouraged through interdisciplinary research projects, but also through jointly organised teaching units. The multiple opportunities for research opened up by this organisational structure, which is unique within the German university environment, include concentrating academic expertise and overcoming disciplinary fragmentation. Selected examples of collaborative research initiatives at chair and institutional level are described below.