Essen College of Gender Studies

Selected members of the EKfG are also active in political consulting and serve on high-ranking committees. In January 2011, as Chair of the Expert Commission for the first report on gender equality by the Federal Government of Germany, Professor Ute Klammer, Pro-Rector for Diversity Management, presented the Commission’s findings to the Federal Ministry of Family, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. Their expert opinion is the basis of the government’s first report on gender equality in 2011 and provides the first extensive survey of gender equality in Germany. Since October 2011, Professor Klammer has been working as an expert in the “Work and Life” working group coordinated by Professor Jutta Allmendinger, director of the Social Science Research Center Berlin. The group is part of the “Forum for Progress”, a platform for debate set up to evaluate and advise the German Bundestag’s “Growth, Wealth, Quality of Life” Enquête Commission.