Research collaborations and transfer

The annual Essen Health Conference provides established researchers and early-career academics a platform for exchanging knowledge and presenting their research results. It is an international event that attracts participants from all over Europe and North America. Besides health economics, it covers adjacent disciplines such as education economics and labour economics.

Every September, the HEMF organises the International Ruhr Energy Conference, which features many high-profile lectures from renowned German and international researchers. Other significant (international) conferences are organised by the HEMF members at the Essen campus on a regular basis. Recently, they have included the annual conference of the German Finance Association in 2019 and the Energy Finance Christmas Workshop in 2016.

The paluno has a strong national and international research network with many high-profile companies and research institutions. It is also active in other national and international research networks. Professor Gruhn coordinated the software research group in the CPS.Hub NRW, for example. Professor Pohl’s research group studies dynamically aggregated CPS in the CrESt project, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The European technology platform NESSI (The Networked European Software and Services Initiative) aims to establish a coordinated European strategy for information and communication technologies with a focus on software, services and data to facilitate the digital transformation. Professor Pohl’s department is a member of the steering committee and executive board of NESSI. The European BDVA (Big Data Value Association) is the European Commission’s industrial partner in implementing the public-private partnership (PPP) on big data. Professor Pohl’s research group is one of its founding members.

The department of business information systems maintains a lively exchange with its international colleagues. Besides joint research projects, such as the collaboration ‘Language Engineering for Multi-Level Modelling’, the Visiting Scholar Academy particularly contributes to this exchange. Every year, one renowned researcher from another country collaborates with the department within the scope of an intensive specialist exchange and a block of classes taught for students of business information systems.