Mercator School of Management

Dean Prof. Dr. Alf Kimms
Dean Prof. Dr. Alf Kimms

The Mercator School of Management (MSM) has 19 professors and about 
60 research assistants, making it a medium-sized faculty by national standards. 
Its focus as a business school is on the various fields of Business Administration. The MSM takes its regional and social responsibility seriously and makes its own contribution to economic development by offering extensive learning opportunities tailored to its target groups and through its work on social and scientific themes. In order to do this, the MSM has developed a clear structural and disciplinary profile by setting up four departments corresponding 
to its main areas of research and education: 
Accounting and Finance, Technology and Operations Management and Management and 
Marketing each focus on special fields of Business Administration, while Managerial Economics brings together the various competences in Economics. Moreover, the MSM has established an advisory board of leading representatives of 
regional and national business to support its work in teaching, research and administration.
The MSM is primarily committed to applied research based on a sound theoretical foundation. The different departments fill this framework with their own main areas of research. In recent years, the MSM has made significant progress 
in the domain of theoretical research, which is reflected in the increased number of international publications in A+/A journals, intensified participation in international conferences, the growth in international and institutional research networking, and the acquisition of third-party funds from the DFG.
Application-oriented research nevertheless remains one of the Faculty’s primary focal points, as diverse and lasting cooperation with business partners and political institutions can testify. The large number of EU and BMBF projects, contract research for the private sector and the regular organisation of conferences and workshops are clear indicators of success in this field.
Next to the transfer of application-oriented research results into the economy, all four departments consider the transfer of their latest insights into academic teaching essential to their work. The MSM is still deeply rooted in the unity of 
research and academic teaching. The connecting element between all the departments is their interdisciplinary cooperation in academic teaching and research with other faculties at the University, especially Computer Science, Mathematics, the Humanities, and Engineering.