The Institute of History is developing a cross-epochal and supraregional Research Training Group on the theme of “Future Action in Power Structures”. Research in this group focuses on change in future-oriented action from antiquity to the present day. The novelty of its approach lies in the comparison of cultures and the cross-epochal character of the project. It additionally reflects the core areas of interest at the Institute, which excels in the development of comparative international perspectives and research into global developments in different ages.
The Institute’s activities cover interrelated and interdisciplinary fields of research. Ongoing interests include questions of authority and its agency (Professor Stefan Brakensiek); the exploration of network and communication structures (Professor Jörg Engelbrecht); authority and gender (Professor Amalie Fößel); the history of European unification (Professor Wilfried Loth); the comparative colonial history of Africa, North America and the Carib­bean (Professor Christoph Marx) and connection of economic, social and cultural historical approaches (Professor Ute Schneider). The History Professor Jörg Engelbrecht and the Dutch Studies Professor Heinz Eickmans are exploring regional history in their research at the affiliated Institute for Lower Rhine Cultural History and Regional Development (InKuR).