Faculty of Medicine


The Faculty of Medicine can look back on a period of extremely positive development thanks to numerous successes in terms of its research. Its strategic objective going forward is to press ahead with this development, strengthening its progress further still and making its external image even more visible. To this end, the first comprehensive report on the Faculty of Medicine’s research and teaching was presented in June 2016, providing an overview of its accomplishments over the past five years as well as demonstrating its impressive positive developments and scientific successes. This viewpoint from an internal perspective is set to be supplemented going forward by an external examination of the faculty by a group of renowned experts. Similarly, the intention is to incorporate the findings established in this area into the faculty’s strategic further development.

Placing a clear emphasis on selected focal points has proven to be a strategic success story with regard to research, and this is expected to continue into the future. At the same time, special attention will be paid to the further initiation and establishment of research networks in order to promote profiles to an even greater extent and push on with the development of first-class research.

The successful concept of a highly efficient and dynamic appointment policy is set to continue going forward, particularly with regard to the ongoing rejuvenation of the professorial landscape and additional strengthening of the research areas. In terms of supporting emerging new scientists, the IFORES programme will remain active for the foreseeable future and be subject to yet more developments. Particular attention will also be paid to the promotion of women, and in particular to an increase in the proportion of female scientists in the more advanced stages of their careers.

Without the use of modern information technologies, internationally competitive medical research simply would not be possible. The Faculty of Medicine and University Hospital Essen are working together to drive this crucial area forward into the future.

Another clear objective is the continuous improvement of organisational structures in terms of administration. Much has already been successfully implemented in this regard, including the provision of research areas, third-party funding and internal and external communication.