Faculty of Medicine

Home to approximately 95 professors and more than 1500 scientists, the Faculty of Medicine provides education and training for around 1875 students. The shared location of the Faculty and University Hospital Essen on one campus has created the ideal situation for making new findings available without delay by closely integrating research and clinical care facilities. In terms of research, the Faculty of Medicine focuses on the scientific and clinical specialisations of the Cardiovascular System, Oncology and Transplantation, as well as the overarching specialisations of Genetic Medicine, Immunology and Infectiology.

Its 31 clinics and 25 institutes carry out research at the highest scientific level and are closely interlinked with one another: each faculty is involved in at least one specialism. In addition, the clinics and institutes have their specific areas of focus. In terms of publication output, the Faculty of Medicine assumes an outstanding position among university clinics across the country in relation to the number of its professors.