Faculty of Engineering

Cooperation and International Work

Scientists in the department collaborate directly with a large number of partners from research and industry at both the national and international level. The exchange of a large number of scientists at international level is supported, amongst others, by the DAAD and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

The Faculty of Engineering has had two external posts in South-East Asia since 2002. The Chair of Technical Information Technology played a major role in promoting the development of the external posts. The spin-off company MSE now undertakes the work of the Faculty and of the UDE in Asia by a cooperation agreement.

In the area of printable materials, the Chairs of General and Theoretical Electrical Engineering, Digital Signal Processing and Communication Systems have acquired the project “DruIDe - Printable RFID tags for mass markets” in the EU programme Interreg V (Germany-Netherlands) with a funding level of almost 5 million euros. Technology companies in the Rhein-Waal region and the University of Twente in Enschede are also involved in this.

The multidisciplinary activities of the Chair of Electronic Components and Circuits require intensive collaboration with research institutions (e.g. RWTH Aachen, TU Dortmund, University Eye Clinic in Aachen and the Heart Centre in Essen) and companies (e.g. Infineon AG), particularly in the application areas of medical technology and automotive engineering. The Chair of Optoelectronics collaborates with FINISAR (the US-based global market leader for optoelectronic components and systems), SILKU Communications (the Israel-based global market leader in the area of millimetre-wave radio systems), and the European telecoms provider Orange in the field of wireless fast internet. Fifth generation mobile Systems (5G) are being developed in collaboration with Japanese partners HITACHI, ENRI, CRIEPI and Osaka University, and are being implemented in a new football stadium in Osaka for initial tests.