Faculty of Engineering

Awards and Distinctions

Prof. Stefan Stieglitz, head of the Chair of Professional Communication in Electronic Media, was appointed as Visiting Professor at the University of Sydney in 2016. He conducts research there with colleagues on the use of social media during crisis situations. Analyses were conducted, in Twitter for example, with the aim of feeding relevant information to aid organisations to reduce response times during a natural disaster. Together with partners from Sydney University, Prof. Stieglitz led a track on this subject at the European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS) in Portugal

In collaboration with AXA Konzern AG, the Chair of Distributed Systems has developed an iOS app for the digitalisation of insurance and finance product sales processes. This software solution won the German prize for Sales Performance in the Sales-Tool/Software/CRM category awarded by the Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin and the “Vertriebsmanager” magazine.