Essen College of Gender Studies

Promoting Young Researchers

The EKfG’s activities in this area aim to make young researchers from all faculties aware of the significance of the gender dimension as a research quality feature and point out new approaches to the development of further research questions in different disciplines. This takes place in various event formats and through opportunities for participation and networking. The most important components of the EKfG programme include the EKfG Nachwuchsforum (Young Researchers’ Forum), an interdisciplinary, self-organized peer colloquium for doctoral candidates and postdocs, the EKfG Forschungsforum Gender (Gender Research Forum) lecture series, in which current gender research findings are presented and young researchers take part as lecturers, the EKfG expert discussions with international guests, and organization of gender workshops for project alliances and research training groups. Possibilities for an interdisciplinary structured programme to support young gender researchers in cooperation with the UA Ruhr partner universities were further explored and ideas developed for joint presentation of existing support offerings and their development.