Under the management of the Institute of General and Theoretical Electronic Engineering, development of a Bachelor’s and Master’s programme in “Medical Technology” is well underway in the faculty. The Institute is continuing ­research on high-field MRI optimization and on the influence of implants on image quality and the associated safety aspects. The Institute of ­Microwave and RF-Technology is also set to intensify its collaboration with the Erwin L. Hahn Institute for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, ­developing new concepts for coils, emitters and sensors applicable to movements of the heart. In collaboration with partners at the TU Dortmund and RUB, the institute has started work on a new research topic of “Highly precise electrodynamic characterization of moving objects and complex structures in the frequency range 10–1000 GHz”.
The strategic goal of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology is to further expand its four core areas of Energy, Information, Materials and Technology, and ­Systems, and to strengthen the collaboration of all its departmental chairs and institutes in these areas.