Educational Sciences

Dean Prof.Dr. Horst Bossong
Dean Prof. Dr. Horst Bossong

The broad range of educational research and the accompanying teaching degree programmes, which account for around one quarter of students at the UDE, combined with degree courses in Educational Science and Social Work Studies are the main facets of the activities of the Faculty of Educational Sciences. The close ­connections between theoretical research and transfer and application-oriented research are a key part of the excellent research conditions at what is one of the largest educational sciences faculties in Germany.

Its members contribute in all their fields to the very broadly based interdisciplinary research undertaken in and with the faculty. The mixture of disciplinary backgrounds represented by the researchers (educational science, psychology, sociology, sports science and kinesiology) is one of the faculty’s strongest assets. In this way, it is embedded in a wide interdisciplinary research network that produces equally diverse national and international collaborations and projects. In the period covered by the report, some ten new appointments in three years brought with them a change in generations and a more mixed age range among the research staff.