The main research area Transformation of Contemporary Societies has established itself as a central platform for collaboration between the Faculties of Social Sciences, Humanities, Economics, Education and the Mercator School of Management, especially for scientists who are interested in advancing cooperative and interdisciplinary research projects. Our main research area allows new ideas to grow and existing topics to continue developing, and is instrumental in attracting funds for major research alliances. In the reporting period our active researchers extended their research interests along the four main thematic fields with many new projects and areas of inquiry.

The new initiatives and collaborations that have emerged through 2018/19 hold great potential for the years ahead and are an excellent basis for securing collaborative projects. There is a wealth of expertise in the faculties and central scientific facilities able to contribute to our research agenda, while new opportunities will be offered at the Gerhard Mercator Graduate Programme at Duisburg. All this expertise has to be channelled more effectively, made visible and leveraged for continuing success, especially in initiating and securing collaborative project funding. The goal should be to work together and create powerful synergies, in order to ensure the ongoing improvement and visibility of social science research at the UDE.