Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Jens Martin Gurr
Managing Director: Klaus Krumme
Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Susanne Moebus

Since 2008, the Joint Centre Urban Systems (JUS) has been the scientific home of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary urban and metropolitan research at UDE. The view of the city is characterised by a systemic view of various social, economic, ecological, cultural, technological and infrastructural aspects. It is precisely because of its systems approach that JUS has important unique selling points: the integration of expertise in the humanities and public health, the interlinking of strong technological competencies with important urban development fields and the consideration of the supplying and networking system areas, especially mobility, flows of goods and resources as well as information and energy supply.

At UDE the latter will be prominently represented in JUS by the Centre for Logistics and Transport (ZLV). In addition to the ZLV as the source of important core competencies in urban research and development, the JUS also includes the expertise of the Center for Water and Environmental Research (ZWU), which has been a separate main research area since 2020.