We used the year 2019 to develop new ideas and get the resulting proposals off the ground. Our proposal “Social Conflicts and the Dynamics of Party Competition in Migration and Integration Policy” (Prof. Andreas Blätte) was submitted to the DeZIM, and our Research Training Group proposal “Orders of Diversity” (Prof. Anja Weiß, Prof. Andreas Niederberger) was submitted to the DFG. Additional proposals were submitted to the BMBF and the MERCUR funding institution (approved in early December 2019: Prof. Philipp Jugert and others, “The educational integration of newly immigrated children”; Prof. Ute Klammer and others, “Migration and regional social policy”). In 2020, the Mercator post-graduate programme “Cosmopolitanism, tolerance and public spirit” will begin its work at the Duisburg site, directly adjacent to our office. The doctoral positions for the programme have recently been advertised. We are looking forward to being neighbours and the cooperation with the programme as its topics will overlap in many cases with our fields of work.