Strengthening interdisciplinary East Asian research – focusing on transnational issues

In the 20 years of its existence, IN-EAST has established itself in the research landscape with its regional studies, which are firmly anchored in the economic and social sciences.

In many of its projects, the Institute has opened itself up to other disciplines. In terms of content, the Institute focuses more on trans­national issues and addresses cross-border developments in the East Asian region and with other regions of the world. Topics such as cross-border labour markets and institutions, migration, but also the changing role of East Asia, especially China, in the world, will become even more important in the future, in order to continue to do justice to the importance of the East Asian region for the world in research and teaching.

IN-EAST will continue to pursue its path of conducting East Asian research at a high international level and to engage in international scientific discourse.

A complete overview of the work of IN-EAST is provided in the annual report of the Institute (www.uni-due.de/in-east/about_in-east/institute_report.php).