It is clear that IUTA with its research portfolio is well positioned against the background of the current discussions on climate change, energy system transformation, particulate matter, etc. But other future topics such as “digitisation” are also being addressed. The key question is: How can we shape the opportunities and challenges of digitisation for the benefit of individuals and society?

IUTA, too, is looking for answers to these questions, naturally in its fields of activity in energy and environmental technology. Here are two examples: In the field of analytics, the Institute is currently preparing the “laboratory of the future”, which will not only combine instrumental and effect-related analytics, but will also network all work steps, documents, measuring instruments, laboratory furniture, infrastructure, etc. from the receipt of samples to the analysis report. The extensive conversion work is being funded by the North Rhine-Westphalian state government and the European Union through the “Research Infrastructures NRW” funding line. Detailed planning is currently underway, so that the conversion work can probably begin in 2020.

At the IUTA Filtration Day, the impacts of digitisation for companies in this industry were discussed. Meanwhile, particle measuring devices and sensors are being tested and developed in our laboratories that are virtually no more expensive than the filter elements themselves and which enable completely new functional monitoring and maintenance strategies.