Selected Research Work

The DST’s research activities cover a broad spectrum of different topics. Below, some examples of the current research focuses are presented using selected projects.

PROMINENT: Promoting innovation in the Inland Waterways Transport Sector.
Within this EU-funded research project, approaches have been developed for increasing energy efficiency and reducing emissions as well as digital concepts for vocational training in inland navigation.

E-Barge: Emission reduction through electric propulsion in commercial inland navigation
As part of the “Leitmarktwettbewerb MobilitätLogistik.NRW” funding initiative, various drive concepts as well as the prerequisites and effects of their implementation were analysed.

NOVIMAR: NOVel and Improved MARitime transport concepts
This current EU project is developing and analysing concepts for the „electronic coupling of ships to convoys“, primarily in order to reduce the number of crews and ease personnel bottlenecks.

Space@Sea: Multi-use of the oceans marine space, offshore and near-shore – enabling technologies
In this ongoing EU-funded research project, concepts for the multiple use of floating offshore platforms, e.g. for wind and wave energy, food production and cargo handling, are being developed and analysed.

DeConTrans: Decentralised container transport
The ongoing “Leitmarktwettbewerb MobilitätLogistik.NRW” project is developing a decentralised concept for better access to smaller waterways and terminals for inland waterway vessels for container transport.

AutoBin: Simulation and demonstration of automated inland navigation
The project, which began at the end of 2019, is investigating and substantiating approaches for automated navigation in canals. It is also being backed by the “Leitmarktwettbewerb MobilitätLogistik.NRW” funding initiative.