University Alliance Ruhr

Research collaboration within the University Alliance (UA) Ruhr was intensified further in 2018 through consortium projects and structural measures. CRC/Transregio 247 contributes significantly to the UA Ruhr’s “Materials Chain” Flagship Program. The CRC’s spokesperson Prof. Dr. Malte Behrens was also awarded the UA Ruhr professorship for the Materials Chemistry of Catalysts in 2018.

The UDE has two subprojects in the UA Ruhr excellence cluster “Ruhr Explores Solvation” (RESOLV; spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Martina Havenith-Newen (Faculty of Chemistry, RUB)), which was successful in the 2018 Excellence Strategy. Extension of the cluster, which has been receiving funding since 2012, underscores the international excellence of the second UA Ruhr Flagship Program of the same name.

The Volkswagen Foundation is funding the newly established graduate research group “Scripts for Postindustrial Urban Futures: American Models, Transatlantic Interventions”, which started in 2018 with researchers from the UDE, RUB and TU Dortmund University working together in seven projects. The spokesperson of the group, which is part of the UA Ruhr’s “Metropolitan Research” Competence Field, is Prof. Dr. Barbara Buchenau (Faculty of Humanities). Also supported by the Volkswagen Foundation is “Global Media Assistance: Applied Research, Improved Practice in the 21 Century” (MEDAS 21), a research school in which researchers from the journalism, media and communications studies institutes of all three UA Ruhr universities are working together. The spokesperson is Prof. Dr. Susanne Fengler (TU Dortmund University). The UDE is represented by Prof. Dr. Jens Loenhoff (Faculty of Humanities) in MEDAS 21.


In the pages that follow you can now read in detail about the unique, diverse, fascinating and excellent research we are conducting at the UDE and how it is set to develop in the coming years.


I hope you will find the 2018 Research Report an informative and enjoyable read.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Dagmar Führer-Sakel
Vice-Rector for Research, Career Development and Science Transfer (from April 2018)