Transfer and Sustainability

One of the most important transfer activities for medical doctors who conduct clinical research is to deliver research outcomes from bench to bedside. Special support to help them do that is now being provided by the DFG programme “Excellence in Medicine: Clinician Scientist Academy of University Medicine in Essen” in a multidisciplinary approach at the intersections between the Faculty’s main areas of interest. The newly established research focus on “Translational Neuro- and Behavioral Sciences” is already actively involved in the programme.

Successful extension of a number of collaborative research projects, participation in new collaborative research centres, approval of a new research unit (FOR) and further external funding, for example from the BMBF and the Leitmarktagentur.NRW, testify to development of the Medical Faculty’s research work that is as sustainable as it is forward-thinking.

Members of the Medical Faculty are regularly and with increasing frequency active as consultants and experts, for example in the excellence initiative, on the DFG Review Boards and the editorial boards of major journals. Another very important activity at the Medical Faculty is transferring research findings to the public.