Cooperation and International News

The Medical Faculty has numerous examples of cooperation with other disciplines from the University of Duisburg-Essen, other universities and non-university research institutions, companies and organisations – all at a regional, national and international level. As research and academic education become increasingly globalised, international cooperation in particular is becoming increasingly important. Research cooperation across institutions is generally initiated by the Medical Faculty or single clinics and institutes, but it also often originates on the initiative of individual scientists.

The following are some examples of important national and international cooperation:

Only partner site of the German Cancer Consortium in NRW

GRK1949 with Düsseldorf, GRK2098 and FOR2123 (Würzburg)

Close cooperation with Wuhan-Shanghai-Bochum (TR60/SGVIVI)

Joint professorship with Leibniz Research Center ISAS (Dortmund)

Close cooperation with Bochum (CRC1280)

Neuroimaging and Erwin L. Hahn Institute (Nijmegen)

Cancer Rearch Center Cologne Essen (CCCE)