Future Prospects

The figures for publicly funded research in Germany put the UDE currently in second place, with total funding of 1.9 million €, for “Educational Sciences and Education Research” in the DFG Funding Atlas 2018. The Faculty of Educational Sciences – alongside a number of subject didactics – played a major part in this achievement and therefore counts as being especially research-intensive by nationwide comparison. Important objectives for the coming years are to build on this strong research performance and make it even more visible. The goal specifically is to raise incoming external funds overall and in particular the proportion of competitive funding. Connected with this is the intention to increase the number of proposals for individual research projects and especially for consortium or collaborative activities – preferably in conjunction with the institutional possibilities of the relevant main research areas, “The Future of Urban Systems” and “Transformation of Contemporary Societies”, as well as those of the IZfB and InZentIM. Another objective is to continue raising the number of publications placed in leading, peer-reviewed journals in the relevant disciplines.