Junior Academics and Researchers

The UDE has been successful in winning German Research Foundation (DFG) support to promote early career researchers, and three Emmy Noether groups have now been established at our university. Leading the junior research groups are Prof. Dr. André Gröschel (Physical Chemistry), Dr. Barbara M. Grüner (Molecular Tumor Pathology) and Dr. Peter Koopmans from the Netherlands at the Erwin L. Hahn Institute.

There was cause for celebration shortly before the end of 2017, when the second funding period for the Research Training Group GRK 1919 “Precaution, prevision, prediction: managing contingency” was approved. It is coordinated by Prof. Dr. Stefan Brakensiek and Prof. Dr. Benjamin Scheller at the UDE Institute of History.

 The Volkswagen (VW) Foundation is funding the UA Ruhr Graduate School “Scripts for Postindustrial Urban Futures: American Models, Transatlantic Interventions”, coordinated by Prof. Dr. Barbara Buchenau. Another graduate school within the UA Ruhr and approved by the VW Foundation is “MEDAS 21 | Global Media Assistance: Applied Research, Improved Practice in the 21 Century”, in which Prof. Dr. Jens Lönhoff from the UDE is involved. The institution coordinating the project is TU Dortmund University. Both UA Ruhr consortia have received support from the Mercator Research Center Ruhr (MERCUR) leading up to submission of the grant proposal to VW. It is also worth mentioning that two out of a total of eight VW research schools have been awarded to the UA Ruhr.

Prof. Dr. Daniel Erni from the Faculty of Engineering Sciences is part of a successful doctoral network (Innovative Training Network under the Marie Sklodowska Curie funding line) called TeraApps, which will commence in 2018.

The opening event of AREA Ruhr (Alliance for Research on East Asia Ruhr), a joint scientific facility of the Faculty of East Asian Studies at Ruhr University Bochum (RUB) and the Institute of East Asian Studies (IN-EAST) at the UDE under the UA Ruhr, was dedicated to the newly established international doctoral school in the field of “Transnational Institution-Building and Transnational Communities in East Asia”, which is supported by the Mercator Research Center Ruhr.