Future Prospects

Strengthening Interdisciplinary East Asia Research – Focus on Transnational Issues

During the 20-plus years since it was founded, IN-EAST has become well established as part of the East Asia research community with an approach to area studies that is firmly rooted in economics and social sciences.

IN-EAST has progressively opened up to other disciplines in many of its projects. Thematically it is now focusing to a greater extent on transnational issues and addressing transboundary developments in the East Asia region, as well as those involving other regions of the world. Topics such as transnational labour markets and institutions, migration, and also the changing role of East Asia, and especially China, in the world will be a stronger focus of interest in future in order to ensure that teaching and research continue to fully reflect the global significance of the East Asia region.

IN-EAST will continue in future to pursue its research in East Asian studies at an internationally high level and contribute to the international academic discourse.

A comprehensive overview of IN-EAST’s work is provided in its annual report (www. uni-due.de/in-east/about_in-east/institute_ report.php).