The many external publications of GCR21 have also been accompanied by growth in the Centre’s own series. Current research work by members and visiting scholars of GCR21 is published in the 20 Global Cooperation Research Papers that have appeared to date. Fourteen books published in the Global Dialogues series reflect the intellectual and interdisciplinary exchange within the Centre and its events and are aimed at a broad expert audience on themes such as migration, political narratives or the conflict in the Ukraine.

With the Routledge Global Cooperation Series, the Centre has secured with a respected science publisher a series containing ground-breaking publications from the young field of global cooperation research. The Routledge Global Cooperation Series is edited by GCR21’s founding directors, Tobias Debiel, Claus Leggewie and Dirk Messner. Thirteen volumes were published between the beginning of 2016 and the end of 2017. They are monographs and collected editions in roughly equal parts. The publisher is now putting papers from external contributors forward to the editors for inclusion in the series, indicating how quickly it has established itself.