Future Prospects

In 2016 and 2017, continuation of the existing research agenda was accompanied by preparations for and successful completion of the evaluation for a second six-year funding period (2018–2024). In this period, the research agenda will focus on four thematic fields.

For the first three years it will be Pathways, Mechanisms, Trajectories: A Process Perspective on Global Cooperation, and Global Cooperation in Contexts of Polycentric Governance. In the subsequent years attention will turn to Critique, Justification, and Legitimacy around Global Cooperation, and Global Cooperation and Competing Conceptions of World Order. These themes will be explored in the context of climate, peace and security, digital, and migration as areas of application.

Prof. Sigrid Quack took up her post as the new managing director in October 2017. The board of directors will be reconstituted in February 2018 at the end of the six-year foundation phase.