Käte Hamburger Kolleg


Research interests in 2016 will focus more heavily on legitimation and participation. These are themes shared by a diverse range of projects, including research on the inclusivity and possibilities for participation in international negotiations, the meaning of social and cultural values and perceptions for international cooperation, crises of legitimacy and public protests, and global acceptance and legitimacy of international human rights standards. In 2017, the focus will shift to future research and scenario building, with special interest in climate scenarios, also an important part of the 2015 UN climate conference in Paris, decarbonisation, and the domestic conditions for global cooperation. Further research will include the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), violent conflicts, and the topic of flight and refugee movements. As the Centre now enters the final third of its initial round of funding, activities will also focus on synthesis of the research accomplished to date and preparation of the proposal for a second funding period.