The appointment of Stefan Panglisch to ­succeed Prof. Rolf Gimbel will intensify research work in Water Technology on possible combinations between membrane technology and other processes such as oxidation, adsorption or ­flocculation. Application of these processes will be extended to include processing of heavily ­contaminated untreated water, for example in oil and gas exploration. New filter materials and sorbents are also opening up additional new ­perspectives for the removal of micropollutants from water. The close cooperation between the group and the affiliated IWW offers particular opportunities in this area, as the IWW has been involved since 2014 in the continuation of the Micropollutants Competence Centre NRW.

At the Chair of Dynamics and Control, a ­Junior Professorship for Automation Technology was established with funding from the regional government. It is held by Prof. Yan Liu. The main areas of research here will be wind turbine control and the development of new theoretical methods in systems biology.
A unique thermodynamic and optical engine test bay is going into operation in Reactive Fluids at the beginning of 2015. It will be used to advance the development of modern combustion methods for high-efficiency car engines using both classical methods and in-cylinder laser-based imaging.