Biology and Geography

Empirical Educational Research

The research groups in Biology Education (Prof. Angela Sandmann, Prof. Philipp Schmiemann) have secured a project as part of the new DFG ­ALSTER Research Unit on Biology students’ knowledge. This work picks up on research into study conditions under the federal and state “Focus on Educational Justice” programme. The UAR joint research project “Ganz In. All-Day Schools for a Brighter Future”, which is funded by Stiftung Mercator and the State Ministry of Education (MSW NRW), centres on providing support with competency and language building in schools. Applications have also been made under the BMBF “Quality Offensive in Teacher Training” programme for systematic continuing education for teachers and for a teaching and learning ­laboratory. Cooperation is also underway with the Didactics of Mathematics in FaSMEd, an EU project on optimising teaching through formative assessment.