IWW Water Centre


Two BMBF-funded supply infrastructure projects were launched in 2013 and are soon to present their initial findings:

  • TWIST++ sets out to find innovative technical solutions that intelligently link tasks in wastewater disposal and drinking water supply and increase the flexibility of the overall system for future developments.
  • In KURAS, the IWW will help to develop alternative and sustainable solutions for rainwater management in urban regions, in particular by conducting economic analyses and proposing financing and incentive instruments for their implementation.

In 2013, the groundwork was laid for several projects which are starting in 2014:

  • ENERWA: a BMBF-funded project for energy optimisation of dams and river systems, drinking water treatment and transport-­storage-distribution systems.
  • MARSOL: (Demonstrating Managed Aquifer Recharge as Solution to Water Scarcity and Drought) will demonstrate various approaches to aquifer recharge as a solution for water shortage scenarios (EU FP7).
  • DESSIN: (Demonstrating that Ecosystem ­Services are Enabling Innovation in the Water Sector) is managed by the IWW and will test various innovations in rivers and aquifers at five locations in Europe and demonstrate their benefits to the water sector, partly by developing a method of (monetary) evaluation of ecosystem services (EU FP7).