IWW Water Centre


The IWW regularly organises international events, including the 5th International Water Contamination and Emergencies Conference (WCEC5) in 2012. Over a three-day period, 150 experts from 24 countries discussed the latest findings and strategies for prevention and response to crisis and emergency situations in drinking water supply. In June 2012, the IWW and the Dutch water research institute KWR organised a European workshop on “Micropollutants, Metabolites and Mixtures in Drinking Water”, which was attended by 50 delegates from 9 countries. These international events were accompanied by a series of practical workshops, colloquia and seminars on a regional and national scale. In 2012/13, the topics ranged from biogas generation in the water sector, disinfection by-products and legion­ella in drinking water installations, to maintenance and evaluation of water distribution networks, flushing and cleaning technologies.