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International networking

Water research is increasingly being networked at national and international level so that a joint approach can be taken to issues within the water sector. As part of a worldwide network of scientific institutions, industrial R&D facilities, technology companies, standardisation institutions, associations and authorities, the IWW is also one of the founding members of the Aqua Research Collabor­ation ARC, a fusion of European water research institutes (www.arc-online.eu). The IWW took over the Secretariat of ARC in 2013.
The IWW represents ARC at European level in the Stakeholder Advisory Group of the “Joint Programme Initiative”, the aim of which is to strengthen coordination between the national research programmes of the EU Member States and the research agenda of the European Union. A further opportunity for IWW to help shape European research programmes also opened up in 2012 when it became a member of the WssTP – Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform (www.wsstp.eu), an official expert partner to the Directorates General of the EU Commission.