Essen College of Gender Studies

Awards and Distinctions

Two prizes went to members of the Faculty of Medicine: Prof. Sigrid Elsenbruch, chair of the Heisenberg Professorship for Experimental Psychobiology at Essen University Hospital, funded by the DFG, was one of the two scientists to receive the Oskar-Medizinpreis 2012. Prof. Elsenbruch analyses the connection between emotions, cognition and pain processing in the central nervous system with the aid of ­imaging methods (functional magnetic resonance imaging). In 2013 PD Dr. Sven Benson, Prof. Elsenbruch’s colleague at the Institute of Medical Psychology and Behavioural Immunobiology at Essen University Hospital, received the first Medical Prize of the Essen University Hospital Foundation in the research category. It was awarded for the project “Effekte einer optimierten Arzt-Patienten-Kommunikation im Kontext der post-operativen Schmerztherapie” into effects of optimised doctor-patient communication in postoperative pain therapy. The cooperation partners were PD Dr. Ulrich Frey and Dr. Oliver Hoffmann, Essen University Hospital.