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Transformation of Contemporary Societies

Looking forward to 2012 and 2013, the Main Research Area is eagerly anticipating work commencing in the Käte Hamburger collegium “Political Cultures of World Society. Opportunities for Global Cooperation in the 21st Century”. In the coming years, this will be a powerful stimulus for the exploration of social change and an inspiration for the work of the Main Research Area. At the same time, the collegium will symbolize the excellence of internationally networked research at the UDE to the outside world. The decision on renewing support for the DFG “Risk & East Asia” Research Training Group and initiating a “Cross-Border Labour Markets” research network are other major milestones in the coming years. A series of further research projects from the various disciplines are due to be submitted in 2012 to research funding institutions or are already under review. In the future, this and the ongoing work of the Main Research Area will continue to open up exciting perspectives on the transformation of contemporary societies.